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Omnia \ om-ne-a \ [Latin All, the All]
Omnius \ om-ne-us \

1 : The singular of Omnia (The All).
2 : Each of us as a singular center of the All.
3 : All of us as the singularity, the One.
4 : Our Common Identity.

This website is a transmission of truth. Its message is that freedom does exist, beyond the limitations of our beliefs. Only by knowing ourselves as One Being, not as our ideas of ourselves as small insignificant human beings, but by realizing our Common Identity, can we transform the earth into our true home. This is the Teaching of Omnius.

The goal of the Omnius Project is to seed every living human consciousness with the idea and possibility of Common Identity. This is the Call of Omnius.

The Omnius Method awakens us to Common Identity and clears away the false beliefs that stand between us and staying there. To find out more about this, enter the Practice.

Omnius is the next dharma and the next dharma is freedom beyond belief

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