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Omnius: a single path

What if there was a single path which was an incredibly powerful psychotherapy, a streamlined enlightenment practice and a way to transform the world. If this intrigues you, you owe it to yourself to slow down and read further…

Omnius is not a religion, a belief or even a group you can join. It is simply who you are - your identity - your real identity. How can you worship, believe in, or join your real identity? You cannot. You can only realize it, but realizing it will bring about a cornucopia of extraordinary benefits!

I'm not going to tell you what your real identity is, because in order for it to mean anything, you have to experience it for yourself. What I am going to do, however, is tell you something about it. I am also going to tell you something about what will happen to you and the way you look at things, as you discover this real identity for yourself.

You – we, all of us - have a dual identity. It is as if we are citizens of two countries or better yet two worlds. The first world is the ordinary world of time, space and material things that obey the laws of classical physics. The second world is an extraordinary world in which there are no material things whatsoever, just a field of consciousness that organizes and reorganizes, differentiates and de-differentiates, and seems to obey the laws of quantum physics, in which time, space, locality and causality are non-existent or at least, very different.

In the first world, we are a thing or organization of things, our own center of the All, connected by an infinite series of boundary/connections that reach infinitely out to the macrocosm and into the microcosm. Because of this interconnectedness, everything that happens anyplace, in one sense or another, happens to us. Furthermore, anything we do, affects everything.

In the second world, we are not a thing, not even an idea of a thing. The thing or center that we are in the material world, is in its essential center, no thing at all. The center of the material world is, in essence, immaterial.

What good does it do us to know we are not a thing, not even an idea of a thing! This might seem to be an esoteric point, of interest only to meditators and mystics but nothing could be further from the truth. Properly understood, it is of the utmost importance to every one of us. It is precisely because we experience ourselves as things that we get caught in boxes, that we can be classified as good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, smart or stupid and so on, indeed that we can be classified at all. Classification or self-classification, being put in boxes or putting ourselves in boxes, is the origin of all our problems, personal and interpersonal. As we get away from experiencing ourselves as a thing, all of our difficulties start dissolving.

However, the benefits of experiencing that we are not a thing are even more profound. Experiencing ourselves as a thing is why we fear death and can be manipulated by threats to our survival. If we are not a thing, we are not subject to the laws of classical physics and, in a very real sense, are truly immortal. As this conviction becomes more and more chiefly experienced, we become freer and freer.

As we grasp this experience, another, deeper realization dawns. This thing/no thing - that is who we are - is universal. We share this dual identity with all humans, indeed with all sentient beings. For this reason, Omnian identity is also called Common Identity.

This is what is meant when we say that as an Omnius you are the singular and the singularity of the Omnia, the All.

Why should I want to realize my Common Identity?

In case you haven't already guessed, realizing Common Identity is nothing less than becoming enlightened. However, this is not magical enlightenment. It is not going to allow you to levitate or walk on water; it is just ordinary enlightenment. Ordinary enlightenment, however, is enlightened enough - enough to change your life and change the world.

As you solve this mystery of who you are, you are going to transform, and the way you look at things is going to transform apace. Most of our personal problems, as well as most of the world's problems, come from our false identities or false self-concepts. There is no such thing as a true self-concept. Any idea of who we are - and, by implication, who we are not - fixes us as a separate thing and is therefore false and misleading. But when we start experiencing ourselves as "not an idea and not a thing" and realize our Common Identity, all problems start resolving spontaneously.

As every schoolboy knows, the golden rule is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. However, as every adult knows, following this dictum ordinarily requires piety, altruism, or both. In Common Identity, acting out the golden rule does not require either piety or altruism; it is simply a matter of enlightened self-interest. Let me explain. Altruism requires people to sacrifice their own interests, but when people act out of Common Identity, their self-interest and the interests of the larger whole are co-extensive and people spontaneously act together towards common goals. We are used to thinking of our personal problems as separate from global problems, but as we realize our Common Identity our thinking shifts. We come to see all levels of reality: individual, social, national, international, global and ecological, as a continuum of self. One solution, if it's the right solution, fits all. Common Identity is the right solution!

How can I attain this state of enlightenment you call Common Identity?

We have said that in the first world, the world of things, we are each an individual center of the All, interdependently connected to everything else. This is a subtle concept, but it can be grasped intellectually. Internalizing this understanding will help us to become better global citizens, but because it is on the conceptual level rather than the experiential, it will not in itself, get us all the way to enlightenment.

In the second world, however, the quantum universe in which we, like everything else, are no thing, this Common Identity is not so easily grasped. It is not enough to understand it conceptually; we have to experience it, even become it. Unfortunately, like a horse to water, we can only be led to this experience; we have to drink it in ourselves. Yet, this experience, which is truly enlightenment, is crucial for our whole enterprise.

This being so, how can we actually get to the experience of Common Identity and even more importantly, once there, hold onto it? Both the psychotherapeutic arts and the world's spiritual traditions contain transformational techniques, but these are not all useful with regard to Common Identity. Some are right on, but others, particularly psychotherapeutic techniques, miss the point entirely, while still others, particularly some yogic and meditative practices, are needlessly strenuous. They seek to vaporize false identity with energy rather than relax it through understanding. Omnius has its own transformational practices and therapeutic modalities which are specifically designed to bring us to Common Identity as quickly and directly as possible. They do this in a way that blends psychological sophistication with traditional practices and they are presented in ways which are comprehensible to the Western mind.

I highly recommend that you investigate the Omnius Method, no matter how experienced you are in other modalities. It is packaged into forms you know well, various workshops, books, tapes and online courses, as well as private therapy sessions in person or via telephone.

Common Identity is freedom beyond belief.

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