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There are many solutions and marketing methods for promoting your eCommerce site. Although time consuming, it is a good idea to research extensively before deciding on a product. If you have a product and a target market, the next step is to choose a marketing strategy. SEO - Search Engine Optimization takes time and patience, time to link build and patience in waiting for the slow pank ranking climb. Each of the major search engines has their own algorythmic searches and your site(s) needs to be able to cater to all 3 if possible. PPC - Pay Per Click, which can be risky if your visitors will not commit to a purchase fgrom your site. If however you do find a product that sells this method can launch your site into existence. Sandboxing, in the churning soup of the internet there are millions of results for many popular searches. Although you may not or ever be on the first page of search results you can still be exposed to the shoppers running searches. Occassionally web sites just randomly appear in search results regardless of page rank, especially during a search engine's update period, which is referred to as the "dance".

Below are examples of both link building, SEO and sandboxing. They are all identical at most but have been SEO tailored for best ranking. The contra-benefit here is the mass cloned content will eventually fight against the ranking points of your SEO. Most will be sandboxed by search engines due to this. On the up side, sandboxing has its benefits as discussed above.

You start off with a simple introduction to your website and clone it:

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Cloning Examples