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New PDF Security Exploit Emerges
[September 21, 2007] Thus far it's in the hands of a white hat hacker who has reported it to Adobe. But it could spell bad news if the bad guys find it before Adobe fixes it. [more Enterprise]

Microformats: Toward a Semantic Web
[September 21, 2007] The connected Web gets even more connected as hundreds of millions of microformatted pieces of content spread across the Web. Is ubiquity coming soon? [more Developer]

Microsoft Scopes Out 'Real World' Security Threats
[September 21, 2007] BlueHat, not to be confused with Black Hat, gives security experts a chance to tell Microsoft engineers how to make more secure product. [more Enterprise]

Trilog Extends SaaS Tentacles To Project Management
[September 21, 2007] Now that everyone has seemingly found religion with the Software-as-a-Service model, upstarts like Trilog Group are moving beyond CRM to get some of that SMB cash. [more xSP]

Steve Jobs to Testify in Backdating Case
[September 21, 2007] Apple's CEO slated to be deposed in case related to former general counsel Nancy Heinen. [more Business]

Oracle Shatters 1Q Estimates
[September 21, 2007] Another blockbuster earnings report ratchets up the pressure on arch-rival SAP. [more Business]

Stocks Shake Off Brief Slump
[September 21, 2007] Wall Street rallied Friday to end the week on an up note, thanks in part to strong earnings from Oracle. [more Business]

Widgets Come to Amazon Associates
[September 21, 2007] The mini-application craze is full on. [more Ecommerce]

Home Printer Spits Out Counterfeit Cash
[September 21, 2007] Bogus $100 bills fooled casinos. [more Business]

SAP's On-Demand Strategy Draws Tepid Reviews
[September 20, 2007] It's early in the game but Wall Street analysts and industry pundits say its Business By Demand service raises more questions than it answers. [more Enterprise]

IT Departments Giving Vista The Cold Shoulder
[September 20, 2007] A recent survey finds many IT shops still aren't ready to commit to Windows Vista. [more Business]

Do Broadcasters Finally 'Get' the Internet?
[September 20, 2007] Some say recent deals from ABC and NBC indicate that yes, the big TV broadcasters have finally pulled their head out of the sand. [more Ecommerce]

Firefox 3 Secures Extensions
[September 20, 2007] Latest development build of Firefox 3 tightens security in open source browser. [more Developer]

Intel Open Sources Power Savings
[September 20, 2007] New power initiative from Intel targets Linux power consumption in an effort to use 'less watts.' [more Developer]

PC Sales Stronger Than Expected in Q2
[September 20, 2007] Laptop sales continue to close the gap with desktop PCs but both continue to sell well, although Vista isn't the reason. [more Enterprise]

Market Slows After 2-Day Rally
[September 20, 2007] While the overall stock market cooled off after impressive gains earlier this week, PC makers gained based on good news from Gartner and Oracle advanced on strong earnings. [more Business]

NetScout Gets Network General For $205M
[September 20, 2007] Combined entity will tackle network performance and assurance. [more Business]

HP's Mobile Mania Answer
[September 20, 2007] IT departments face a proliferation of mobile devices that they don't necessarily know about. HP says it can help. [more Wireless]

Storage Industry Upbeat – For Now
[September 19, 2007] Small-form factor devices, lower power consumption and the next generation of manufacturing technology take center stage. [more Storage]

Same Patent Fight, New Patent Challenges
[September 19, 2007] NTP finds itself back in the patent-litigation spotlight, except it might not be as bright. [more Business]

Microsoft's PerformancePoint Server Makes Deadline
[September 19, 2007] The Redmond, WA software giant releases new business intelligence tool, plus ships two service packs for other technologies. [more Enterprise]

Lawmakers Float VoIP-Based 911 Bill
[September 19, 2007] If passed, providers would have the same access to the emergency lines everyone else has. [more Networking]

SAP: It's 'Business ByDesign'
[September 19, 2007] The software giant details its first on-demand, hosted business application service targeting, at least for now, small- and mid-sized companies.

  • Competitors Await SAP's On-Demand Threat
  • [more xSP]

    Google Intros Gadget Ads Format
    [September 19, 2007] The search giant makes another play for brand advertising dollars. [more xSP]

    Coverity Satisfies Code Analysis
    [September 19, 2007] The company rolls out patented new Boolean satisfiability code-analysis technology to weed out false positives and find more software defects. [more Developer]

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    Online Advertising Forecast: Traditional Advertisers, Classifieds Pave Road to Recovery

    Report Summary: Key Finding - Online advertising will pick up again in 2003 (up 10 percent from $5.6 billion in 2002) and grow to $14 billion in 2007. Classifieds will contribute heavily to next year's growth, as will investment by major advertisers once they realize online advertising represents an effective and viable model for building both brand and bottom line.

    2003 IT/IS Budget Outlook: Near-Term Trends in Priorities

    Report Summary: For the purposes of this study, Jupiter Direct compared data from two identical surveys presented to a panel of IT/IS professionals in June 2001 and June 2002. Survey responses were culled from the Jupiter Direct Technology Panel, consisting of more than 3,000 IT/IS professionals worldwide. The two samples were similar enough to compare to derive a near-term outlook on IT/IS budget adjustments for the first half of 2003.

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