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This tutorial will show you how to Transferring your site to our servers

In order for your website to be viewed by Internet users their computer needs to know where to find your site. In order to find your site a process goes on behind the scenes involving nameservers and your local ISP's dns server. This is explained in more detail on this page:

As the owner of your domain name only you have the authority to change nameserver information. For security reasons you should not allow someone else this level of control over your domain. With that said; your site will not be visible from our servers until you change the "nameserver" information at your registrar so that web surfers may find your site's new location. Until then any attempts to bring up your site will only be bringing it up from the server of your old host.

Your registrar is usually the organization where you purchased your domain name (e.g. Network Solutions or

If you purchased the domain name through your previous web host you may need to get their help in transferring. Also, for this reason we do not recommend that you allow anyone to purchase your domain name on your behalf, including a web hosting company.

If you are not sure who your domain name registrar is you may use the form below to point you to the right direction.

Lookup domain name owner or registrar:


Specific instructions for changing nameserver information will be slightly different for each registrar. Here are instructions for some major registrars, most registrars will have a "Manage my Account" type of link on their main page where you will begin your task. see - "How do I change my name servers?" in FAQ

Network Solutions - "Help -> Modifying your Domain Name Record" - "How do I change the DNS (Domain Name Server) Information listed as authoritative for my domain name?" - "I need to make some modifications to the DNS or name servers on my domain name (answer ID 1117)"

OpenSRS - "How do I change my Name Servers?" in FAQ

The nameserver information at your registrar will look similar to this:

You need to replace this information at your registrar with the information we sent you in the Welcome Email.

Until the step above is complete you will need to access your site on our server without using it's domain name, because by putting the domain name in the address bar you will be sent to the old location.. There are several ways of accessing your files on our server without using your domain name.

You can use the server IP address which can be obtained through here.
(e.g. )

Or you may put the IP address in the "host name" section of your ftp software to move files over.

CPanel is always reachable using the IP address of your server also
(e.g. .